weLEAD began when a group of women gathered to discuss how, together, we could encourage and support all the amazing women in our community. We wanted a way to leverage our collective relational capital to help one another grow our unique gifts and talents. We wanted a place to create something bigger than ourselves. Through this collaboration, weLEAD was born.

While there are many ways to express this mission, we decided to first start with a website. The weLEAD website will provide an easy-to-navigate ecosystem where we can all find the right resource at the right time. It is a place where everyone can contribute their relational capital to the ecosystem, a “big door” where we can better connect with one another and a central hub that lists all of the resources we have found to be beneficial for growth as leaders and entrepreneurs.

The ever-changing ecosystem is made to grow and mature with us. It is organic, holistic and dynamic, creating a collective support system that is continuously evolving. You may see new categories, features, ways of connecting and convening, discussion topics and events as you and others lend your voices and contribute to the ecosystem.

There are lots of ways you can use weLEAD. Contribute and rely on the ecosystem, include a weLEAD button on your website, use it as a tool to help your clients find resources or sponsor weLEAD. As we progress, so too will our tools and assets.

Join us as we strive to make this the best community for women, helping each other serve as leaders and grow our businesses.

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Leslie Hielema, Vice President, Orlando Center, FIT

Leslie Hielema

Vice President, Orlando Center
Florida Institute of Technology

Christi Ashby, EditorPublisher, Orange Appeal

Christi Ashby

Orange Appeal

Shelley Lauten, Managing Partner, triSect

Shelley Lauten

Managing Partner

Diana LaRue

Appleton Creative